The Advantages of PhotoVoltaic Over Other Energy Sources

Being citizens of the world, we know how invaluable energy is. We couldn’t live without it. Maybe for a little while, but most of us have grown quite addicted to it. We require it for our tools, our “modern toys”, our EVERYTHING. We need it to lead our daily lives. But this energy is more valuable than we give it credit.

Being what it is, we couldn’t survive too long without power. Power, which I may add, is dwindling day by day. Our good Earths resources are getting dangerously low, so it falls to us, the humans that brought a planet to its knees, to find alternate energy sources to sustain our lecherous existence. Electrical energy being one of the most necessary ones, man has found many ways to harness it from almost everything.

We have wind power, fossil fuels, hydro-energetic sources, nuclear energy and last, but not least, Photo Voltaic energy.

Now some of these energy sources are more advantageous than the others. But most of them are limited by the area in which they are used.

Wind Energy : this energy source is limited to coastal areas or places which powerful winds blow regularly. One great this disadvantage of this energy source is the fact that you need a lot of receptors to get a sufficient quantity of electricity. The greatest disadvantage is the fact that this particular energy source isn’t available in every area of the world.

Fossil Fuels : this is the energy we are currently using is getting dangerously close to ending. Our good planet could easily sustain our power needs with this energy source in the pre-industrial era, but right now, it isn’t sufficient to ensure the survival of the human species for the next few decades.

Hydro-Energetic : this energy source is quite good and provides a great deal of energy. It’s eco-friendly, but there will always be voices to rise against it. This energy source is quite wide-spread and used world-wide. It provides sufficient power but can’t work in dry areas such as deserts or more arid regions of certain parts of the world.

Nuclear Energy : history has proved on all too many occasions that we humans are incapable of harnessing and mastering nuclear energy. The nuclear power-plants provide the biggest amount of energy but they aren’t all that secure. A small flaw in the operating of that power plant, and we have Chernobyl all over. Although it pains us to admit it, nuclear energy has given the best results in both energy and devastation. It has left the biggest scars on the face of this planet and has an eerie irradiated aura around it. I’d say we humans aren’t prepared for this kind of energy, not yet, at least.

Photo Voltaic : This isn’t the newest member to join the party, but it certainly is the best one so far. It is available in every area of the world and doesn’t have too many drawbacks either. It may cost you a bit more than traditional sources, but that’s the price you pay for wanting to save the planet. ┬áIt works particularly well in desolate places I mentioned earlier. As long as you don’t put them inside of a mountain, they should do the job quite well.

All and all, Photo Voltaic energy sources present more potential than any other energy source and they are starting to be more and more wide-spread world-wide.




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