Albuquerque to get 25% of its energy from solar by 2025

Albuquerque, New Mexico city council voted unanimously a resolution calling for the city to get 25% of its energy from solar by 2025. To reach the goal, they will invest $25 million to buy solar panels and to install them on city buildings.

The city is in a very favorable position for solar power. The total solar power in the region per square meter is ranging from 5.5Kwh/day in December to 7.1Kwh/day in June. Albuquerque is very fortunate to have such solar power available. If we compare it to other cities, for example, in Chicago, during December the average solar power available is only 2.9Kwh/day, while to best month is July with 5.7Kwh/day per square meter. We can say that in Albuquerque the solar power available during winter is the same available in Chicago during summer.

At this moment the city produces only 3% of its total power from the sun. Despite the advantages that they got in terms of solar power, the investment was cut back because it is in a state where there are plenty natural resources under the ground. There is a long history of oil and gas industry here.

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