Solar Systems

A Solar System can generate enough electricity so you can make your home energy indepentent. Solar panels placed on the roof of your house can generate electricity directly from the sunlight. During the winter, when the sun is not shining at its full potential, most system can produce up to 65% of their maximum productivity. Solar panels can be placed on ground too, at the right angle, if your roof does not permit placing of photovoltaic panels.

There are 2 types of Solar Systems: On-grid systems, connected to the power grid. The electricity is pumped into the network and if they produce the same amount of energy that you consume, then you will pay nothing for your electricity bill. Think about how much money you can save in this way. The other type is Off-grid, which requires electricity to be stored into batteries. In this way you can achieve energy independence for your house, and you won’t be affected anymore by electric failures. They are a bit more expensive, but it worth every penny.

A Solar systems contains the following elements:

  • Solar Panels
  • Racking
  • Inverters and Conductors
  • Batteries, charger and Automatic transfer switch ( for off-grid systems only )