Solar Panels

Solar Panels use the Photovoltaic technology to produce electricity from sunlight. Researchers consider solar panels one of the best solutions to produce green energy. Depending on their size and efficiency, they can produce more or less energy. Because the energy is produced from the light they will function summer and winter. There is no difference if there is cold or warm, the only thing that matters is the light. However, during the winter, the sunlight does not have the same intensity as in summer, so the electricity production will suffer some losses.

To take advantage of the energy produced by Solar Panels, you have to use an inverter to connect it to the power grid, or you can use batteries to save power that you can use during the night when the panels are producing much less electricity. Have you ever tought about being energy independent in your own home ?

Solar panels are usually placed on the roof, because that space can’t be used for something else, and it is more exposed to the sunlight. But, if the roof is not enough, or unusable, Solar panels can also be placed on the ground.

The costs of photovoltaic panels are depending on the power they can generate at their peak. Usually, a panel can produce between 80 and 250W, depending on the size. If you need more power you can buy more panels.